June 6, 2022

Tips for Making a Pet-friendly Home


Having a pet in your life can be rewarding and pet-owners want the best and perfect convenience for their lovely furry friends.

As a responsible pet owner, you want to provide a safe space for your own bundle of fur. Many aspiring homebuyers puts into consideration some pet-friendly plans when they talk about home building process so that their new house can be their pet’s dream home too.

Check out these few tips that can help you in making your house pet-friendly.

Choice in Flooring

Your choice in flooring can be impactful in designing your pet-friendly home. Consider flooring materials that can be wiped clean and make less work for you. Rugs and carpets may not be considered as best choice in flooring for pet owners, as it can accumulate bacteria and hair that is not good for you and for your pets as well.

In terms of durability, ceramic tiles, or another nonporous hard surface flooring can be a logical choice since any of these are highly resistant to dirt and scratches as well as it can easily be clean up. Make sure that you regularly trim your pet’s nails as well to ensure that your flooring remains in good condition.

Hide all Electrical Cables

Our pets tends to chew on just about anything that occur right within their reach. of In the process of pet proofing your home, keep the cables out of the pet’s reach. You could buy cable boxes to store electrical cords and accessories. Alternatively, you could also clip these cables onto the wall to prevent them from dangling carelessly.

Remove Household toxins

As a pet owner, you always want to ensure your pet’s good health however there might be unseen chemicals and health hazard at home that could cause unease to your pets.

Your pets can sometimes be expose to lawns and restricted areas which harbors potentially toxic materials and chemical residues. Moreover, it’s not only these chemicals that we need to get rid of when making a pet-friendly home.

While house plants can add color and texture to our home, you can also consider and make sure that these plants are nontoxic to your furry friends. Protecting your pets from these danger can be a little foresight but is not complicated and can easily be avoided too.

Choose pet-friendly upholstery

Your pets can sometimes damage your fixtures unintentionally and it is important to choose a good option for your furniture at home.

The best way to prevent damages against furniture is to choose pet-friendly upholstery fabrics such as tight weave and dark color materials or one that is free of complicated textures in order for stains and pet hairs becomes less visible.

Install Blockades

As a pet lover, you ensure that your pets are living in a safe space. Installing pet blockades can be very helpful in stopping your pets from entering into dangerous areas at home that could cause accidents and danger to them.

Keep Your Home Clean

It is also best to keep your home clean and safe because sometimes your pets could also catches sickness due to picked up bacteria, virus, or they could become host to some parasite. Maintaining your pets’ health and welfare around your house is very important to keep them safe and healthy.


At times, our furry family members such as dogs and cats may leave the house messy and smelly with toys or pet food lying around. It is important the we keep our home space smelling fresh.

Keep your pets clean

Proper grooming of your pets is an essential step to make sure that your pets and home is clean and smells fresh. Regular brushing will also decrease the amount of your pets’ hair that shed. Preferably, you can do a quick brush on your pet’s hair a few times a week, just to get the coat out and its hair won’t scatter around the house.

Brushing their hair outside the house is also suggested so there is no need to sweep up these hair after grooming. In terms of bathing, your dogs does not require daily bathing and you should bathe them once a month if possible.

Washing them often can dry out the natural oil of their skin and could lead to dryness.

Clean Toys and Bowls

Dirty pet stuff can also lead to smelly home, and could also build up bacteria, virus, and unwanted parasite in your pets that could also cause sickness and infection. It is important to clean these stuff regularly.

While fishes and other reptiles are commonly the cleanest pets to keep, their aquariums and cages also cause odors when they are not being cleaned regularly.

Good and clean cages is important to keep your pet healthy and at the same time minimize smell and various health hazard to them.

Removing Urine Stains

While it is important to make sure on your pet’s toilet training, it could sometimes takes time and requires a lot of effort with your pets. And most likely than not, there could be accidents with cats, and other small animals too.

Ensuring that you clean up any urine and vomit stains on hardwood floors thoroughly could decrease offensive odors around the house.

Pet urine is noticeably strong but commonly, distilled white vinegar and baking soda is the go-to item to get rid of unwanted pet urine stain and offensive odor. Make sure to vacuum the area once it is dry to remove excess dirt and check the stain if it is completely gone. 

Are you one of many pet owners looking for a new home?

When looking for a living space, consider living in a clean and safe grounds for your pets. Choose a community where there are pet-friendly features and amenities that your pets could be safe and can have greatest convenience.

For instance, Camella projects nationwide are offering pet-friendly community that can get you play and get active with your pets around the subdivision. There are abundant of wide and green open spaces for you and your furry friends to have your regular morning exercise according to your needs.

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