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Step-By-Step Buyer's Guide

Project Presentation

The Property Consultant presents to the Buyer the details of the Camella project he/she is interested in. The presentation includes information such as the overview of the Camella project, available Camella house models, amenities and financing options.

Property Visit

The Camella property is visited by the Buyer with an accredited Camella Seller for a better appreciation of the property’s location, amenities, road networks, landmarks and other places of interest in the area.

The buyer may also conduct online house and site tours available via the Camella AR3D App or through site tour videos available in the Vista Treasures Official Youtube Channel

Reservation Application

The Buyer chooses the desired location of the Camella property he/she wishes to purchase. The client will be asked to fill out the necessary details in our Electronic Reservation available online.

The reservation will be formalized once the reservation fee is paid through Camella’s online payment partners.

Marketing and Administrative Briefing

After the E-reservation, the Buyer will be given a briefing conducted by a Camella Marketing Officer and Administrative Accounts Officers thru video call.

The brief will cover discussion of Camella reservation process, documentary requirements, step-by-step process prior to move-in or house turnover, housing and administrative policies and the timeline.

Submission of Requirements

After the briefing, the Buyer is given 30 days upon reservation to submit the necessary documents (as required) for the purchase. Requirements may vary depending on employment status (if locally employed, self-employed, or OFW) and payment scheme.

The Camella property is already reserved under the Buyer’s name.

Move-In / Turnover of Property

Once the house construction is finished and provided all finances are settled, the Camella property is delivered to Buyer on a date specified in the Reservation Agreement.

Prior to move-in, the Buyer and Camella, the house and lot developer, will conduct a joint inspection of the unit due for turnover to confirm that all commitments are delivered.

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