June 6, 2022

Small Business Ideas You Can Start at Home


“How to earn money while at home?”. This is one of the most fundamental questions we ask ourselves or search on the internet when running out of funds to support our daily expenses. This is especially true during the pandemic when we are just staying and spending most of our precious time at home.

Nothing comes out easy in life, they say. These days, it is hard to engage in a business like we were used to be doing, such as putting up a food kiosk during festivals, street parties, and other social gatherings. Somehow, it is expensive and time-consuming to create stalls on Shopping malls considering the processes and licenses that you need to comply for these businesses to regulate and the people or workforce that will assist us for these to happen.

Added to the weight of the burden is also the cost of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), a medical term that refers to a piece of equipment that one should use to protect the self during this pandemic. Aside from personal protection, consumers or your customers will adhere to the said protocols and restrictions provided and mandated by the government. Safety should be on top of our list and highly prioritized.

Along with that, we are considering a home business that could have a low start-up cost. In general terms, it does not necessarily need high manpower, a lot of materials, and a wide space for you to work.

Looking for the best answers that could help us earn and gain more money could be a little hard as we compare it to the norms of living that we were used to before this course of the pandemic. Anything is possible and manageable without many restrictions and considerations that need to be abided by.

Browsing the internet could help us select and choose the best and ideal home business suited for us.

Here are some of the suggested ideas for home-business ideas by Max Freedman, a Business Daily Contributing Writer:


If you can assess yourself, you are knowledgeable and well-informed about a specific topic like business management, social media techniques, marketing, human behavior management, telecommunications, etc., then it is one of the best options you can start with at home. The only capital you need to prepare is your expertise, intelligence, and computer. So Easy!

Online Reseller

For those who are ardent into clothing and fashion, reselling could be a great choice too. You may start up with your pre-loved clothes dealing it online through the help of the most known selling platforms or applications like Lazada and Shoppee. Making your clothing website and page is a great idea too. You only need to seek reliable and trusted suppliers for more resources needed if your business goes well.

Online Teaching

The request and demand for online education have risen due to the pandemic. Parents tend to enroll their children online to secure their safety and health. If you are passionate about a particular subject, it is time for you to engage in a company that offers work from home online education. It is trendy and convenient. Besides, a well-functioning device, maybe a computer, laptop, tablet, and stable internet, is your go-to equipment.

App Developer

If you are an experienced Information Technologist or Computer Technology savvy, your passion and interest in technology can be a great start-up business. Smartphones, laptops, and computers have become a daily part for most working professionals and students, which are hyping up the need and demand for mobile applications or platforms. As a result, a request for additional professional developers rises.

Online Bookkeeping

Suppose you are a professional accountant or bookkeeper who seeks the freedom and privilege of running your business. In that case, you can use your resources at home, like the technologies you have to start your online bookkeeping and finance assessment. You may tap an ordinary person like a friend with business and friendly establishments near you as a potential client. Before you start, make sure that you had prepared detailed professional fees and contract to support your credibility as a licensed bookkeeper or accountant.

Medical Courier Services

It is a trend, especially when you have your vehicle to support this idea. Due to a need for health and wellness, the healthcare industry is expanding, meaning it is leaning towards a high demand for service delivery. This is true especially to those in far flung areas or restricted places and who cannot go out and buy for their medical needs or purposes. You only need to have is your vehicle and, of course, your driver’s license.

Freelance copywriter

If you are passionate about converting thoughts into words with a chunk of advertising and marketing information, you may set yourself up as a contract copywriter. Whether you write blogs, net content material, or press releases, masses of corporations pays for your services. You can grow your price by bringing search engine marketing information to the desk to assist your customers craft a method to assault unique key phrases that their target market is already using in their online searches.

Digital Marketing

The significance of the net grows with each passing day, making it more challenging for organizations to reduce thru the chaos and nicely marketplace themselves. Digital advertising offerings are usually in demand, and lots of small and midsize groups could instead outsource it then set up a pricey in-residence team. Digital advertising is a critical part of a brand, so it is essential to reply to tendencies on your clients’ advertising strategies. Social media control involves looking for feedback and messages across the clock, no longer simply scheduling posts in a “set-it-and-forget-it” mindset. If you experience strategizing and enforcing plans meticulously, virtual advertising may be the proper commercial enterprise for you. Also, don’t forget to turn into an associate marketer; that’s any other shape of virtual advertising.

Refer and Earn Programs

It is one of the easiest ways to earn extra income. Most of the real estate developers offering house and lot and lot only for sale share their program such as refer and earn where Business Partners tend to look for potential clients then refer it to the Marketing Officers assigned in a specific project for a project orientation and later, closing of the sale. This kind of engagement is trendy and ideal for persons who like to earn while staying at home. So convenient! Make most of your time, especially since some of us are just sitting on the couch all day browsing our Social media.

Home-business tends to be the maximum handy and conceivable small commercial enterprise thoughts.

Always note that jumping into any form of business should always be partnered with hard work, patience, and perseverance. Because even if you have significant capital, vast manpower, and wide working space but lacks passion and burning desire to reach your goal, all of those efforts and time will be put in to waste.

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