November 7, 2022

How to Effectively Use Real Estate Social Media Posts


You’ve heard the saying, “content is king.” The same goes for real estate social media posts. The more you post on social media and create engaging content, the more likely people are to see your posts and follow you.

In today’s economy, where many people are looking for new homes or ways to sell their current properties, having a strong online presence can be essential to attracting prospective clients.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Real estate social media marketing is an integral part of the modern real estate business. As the internet becomes more and more of a driving force in our lives, people are turning to their computers and smartphones for information. No longer do we need to wait until the morning paper comes out to learn about homes for sale in our area; now we can go online and find all the information we need about buying or selling a house at any time of day.

If you want to make sure that your property gets seen by as many people as possible, you need to make sure that you’re taking advantage of all the available real estate social media platforms that exist today.

Why do you need to take advantage of Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Real estate professionals already know how important it is to get their name out there and attract clients; they’ve been doing it for years. But what many agents don’t realize is just how important it is for them to use social media as a marketing tool in order to stay competitive with other agents in their area and maximize their social media presence.

While some may see this as an unnecessary expense or too much work, successful real estate agents who embrace social media marketing will see incredible results for their clients and themselves.

How to Effectively Use Social Media for Real Estate

Create an engaging post for your local community.

To create effective local content, you need to create social media post ideas that will engage your local community. For example, try posting about local events or even sharing a photo of your favorite restaurant in the area. You can also ask your followers if they have any suggestions for things they’d like you to write about. Here are some other tips:

Don’t use all caps when writing posts

This is considered shouting on social media and isn’t very professional. Also avoid exclamation points (!!), as well as emojis with faces or smiley faces. These types of posts tend to come across as corny and unprofessional.

Keep it short

People don’t want long paragraphs of text on their feeds; shorter sentences work best when trying to engage an audience with text-based content. If possible, try breaking up longer pieces into two separate tweets instead of one really long tweet.

Hire a professional photographer or videographer.

Hiring a professional photographer or videographer is an important part of your social media strategy. The photos and videos you post will attract viewers, so they need to be of high quality. A good photographer can help you create content that will drive traffic to your website and gain more followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The best way to find a good photographer or videographer is through word of mouth. Ask other real estate agents who they recommend for photography services in the area where you’re working. You can also use LinkedIn to connect with photographers nearby by searching for keywords like “photography” or “video production.” You should send out an invitation request asking them if they’d like to work with you.

Create video tours of your listings.

If you’re a real estate agent, you have the opportunity to showcase your listing in a way that is typically only done by major listing companies.

Real estate videos are a great way to attract attention and get viewers interested in visiting the property. Video tours can guide your clients to a future personal life they can achieve. They can also provide information about amenities and other things that may be important for clients looking for homes in the area.


Provide information about the property.

Providing information about the property is one of the most important things you can do to help buyers understand what they are buying. This includes:

  • A description of the property
  • Information about the neighborhood or area where it’s located
  • Personal stories of the property
  • Details about any special features that might make it more attractive than other homes in town, like a pool or playground, for example.

Post images of your home listings on Instagram.

Posting the same image to different social media platforms can be helpful if you’re looking for a wider reach—users tend to follow similar trends across all social media sites they belong to (Twitter users may not want to see Instagram photos).

But this strategy won’t always work because each platform has its own unique audience. For example, Twitter users will likely enjoy hearing about new tweets from other Twitter users while Facebook users might not care much about tweets unless those tweets mention them specifically by name (otherwise known as @mentions). So keep this in mind when deciding how often you should share content across different channels.

Use the right hashtags.

In order to effectively use hashtags, you must know the right ones to use. Here’s a quick checklist for using hashtags:

  • The hashtags should be relevant to your business.
  • The hashtags you use should be relevant to the type of content you’re posting (e.g., if you are posting about new listings or homes for sale in a certain area, then using #realestate and #homesforsale would make sense).
  • The hashtags that make sense for your audience may vary depending on where they are located; it would be beneficial if they could include local brands or businesses when possible so that they can reach people who are interested in those things as well.

Repost testimonials from clients.

In the world of content marketing, testimonials are a staple. Testimonials from happy clients can be used in your printed materials, to promote your business on social media, and even in direct mail campaigns.

When you receive a glowing review from a happy client, it’s important that you share that with others by posting it on all of your social media channels. When done correctly, this will lead to more positive reviews and recommendations for your brand—and open up new opportunities in other areas such as email marketing or print advertising.

Use Twitter to ask for advice.

Twitter is a great platform to use when you want to ask for advice or help. Ask your followers for their opinions on an idea or project you’re working on, and see how they react.

Engage your followers by answering their questions as well. People will appreciate it if you take the time to respond to them directly instead of just deleting their comments or not bothering them at all. That’s what makes Twitter such a popular social media platform.

Join Facebook groups for realtors.

When you join a Facebook group, your posts will be seen by the people who are in that group. This is great because it means you can reach more people from the same post. Many realtors have created groups for their clients, so if you’re looking for a way to increase exposure and visibility then this is an option for you. You can also gain many free resources from the real estate world through these groups.

If you want to join groups, here’s how:

  • Head over to Facebook and click on Groups under the Explore menu on mobile or click “Groups” in the left-hand menu on the desktop.
  • Use keywords related to your industry when searching for them; there are many real estate-related groups out there.

An excellent social media strategy should include both posts that are designed to attract new clients, and those designed to engage with existing followers and customers.


Social media can be a great way of connecting with clients and potential customers. You can use social media to get feedback on your services and also encourage them to leave reviews. This is essential for boosting your credibility and reputation as a realtor.

Social media allows you to promote your business, but it’s just as effective when used for marketing or advertising purposes as real estate talk. It’s easy for someone who is interested in buying or selling property through the help of a professional real estate agent to find you online if they know what keywords or hashtags they should use when searching for agents in their area.

You need to be active on social media if you want to be a successful realtor today.

In order for you to effectively use social media, it’s important that you understand its purpose. Social media should be used as an extension of your marketing strategy. Posting regularly—and posting relevant content—will help keep your followers engaged with your brand, build brand awareness among potential clients, and gain more leads.

In addition to increasing brand awareness, social media can also help build relationships with potential clients by allowing them to get to know you through the content that you share on these platforms. The goal here is not necessarily selling houses in the real estate market; rather, it’s connecting people who are looking for someone like you and giving them reasons why they should choose you for their real estate needs.

As with any real estate marketing strategy, it’s important to make sure your social media accounts posts are optimized for search engines. This means that each post should have a title and description that reflects the content of the post, as well as relevant keywords that are important to your audience.

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