June 6, 2022

Finding the Perfect Pre-selling House


We know that in the Philippine market, pre-selling houses are some of the most sought-after properties for buying a house. You can say that preselling becomes one of the main factors when we really want to get into owning a new home. Preselling houses have their own advantages such as cheaper prices and the ability to choose where you want your house built but they also have disadvantages like not having the promised facilities finished. It’s because of these disadvantages that it is very important to be careful in choosing which house you’ll get into buying.

Here are some tips for you on how to choose which preselling house will satisfy your needs.

Choose a location that is not prone to flooding.

You may have already chosen a location, but you have to make sure that it is not prone to flooding. You can do this by checking the country’s flood maps or the location’s proximity to rivers and dams. An elevated area is safe from floods, as water rises on its own accord.

Also check the drainage system of your property. Does it flow towards dams and rivers? In this case, you won’t get flooded when there’s an overflow in these places.

Lastly, check for slope. A flat land is easier for water to stay than a sloping land.

Choose a location that is accessible public transportation.

Choosing the perfect location is one of the most important decisions when buying a pre-selling house. You want to select a place that’s easy to get to and from, because an accessible location will make it easier for you to carry out day-to-day tasks, or start your own business. When you’re choosing a location, take into consideration its proximity to public transportation.

  • Is there adequate public transportation in the area? If so, then your property has more value and is more likely to increase in value over time.
  • How far is the location from bus stops and train stations? Having access to public transport makes it easy for friends and family members to visit you.
  • How far is it from jeepney terminals? Consider how close your home is located relative to where these vehicles pass by.
  • How far away are taxi stands? Being able to hail a cab easily makes it simpler for you and your loved ones when heading out of town or going on vacation.
  • What about ferry terminals? Living near one can be convenient if need be, though this may not be necessary depending on what part of town you reside in.

Choose a location near business districts and schools.

It is important to find a location that is near business districts and schools. You should be close to where you work, your children go to school, or where you do your shopping, entertainment or leisure activities.


Choose a location with few competitors.

Choosing a property in an area with few competitors is the first thing that you should consider when choosing your pre-selling house. It helps you have the upper hand over your customers because of the lack of choices for them. However, keep in mind that this might also mean low pricing for your products and services. If you’re okay with it, you can proceed to keep looking at locations with little competition.

If not, go to an area where there are numerous competing businesses in the field already. Having a business where there are many other competitors means better quality of service and more choices for your customers, which would mean higher prices and price fluctuations depending on what they want to buy or avail from you. The good thing is that these types of areas allow more room for growth because of their high number of people who are always on the lookout for something new.

Choose a location that is close to your needs.

It is very important to select a location that will meet your needs in the future. Make sure that you choose a location that is close to your office, children’s school, family and friends.

Choose a property with good lighting and ventilation.

When choosing a property you should start with looking at the amount of natural light and ventilation the house gets. The importance of lighting and ventilation is often overlooked by people, but they are very important in terms of your health.

The amount of light we receive affects our mood, energy level and sleep-wake cycle. Nature is smarter than us, so it’s best to let nature take care of this as much as possible. This is why sunlight is considered to be better than artificial light.

Ventilation also plays an important role in your health since it affects the air quality and temperature inside your home. It is best to aim for a balance in temperature inside the home and a constant flow of fresh air coming in from outside.

Check the direction to which the house will be facing. Be sure to tell your agent which direction you are interested.


With these tips, you can get the pre-selling house that is right for you

With these tips, you can get the property type and the pre-selling house that is right for you:

  • Choose a house in a location that is not prone to flooding. This can save you from incurring huge losses in the future and from having to endure the stressful experience of having your house flooded.
  • Choose a house in a location that is accessible public transportation. You will have no trouble getting around, even if you don’t have your own car. This is especially useful if you’re commuting for work or school
  • Choose a house in a location near business districts and schools. These locations are often appreciating assets, so choosing them will be beneficial to your finances
  • Choose a house in a location with few competitors as it would be less saturated with businesses that might compete with yours. If you really want to stand out, choose an up-and coming area close to popular hubs and commercial centers so your business will still thrive despite being slightly away from the center of activity
  • Choose a house in a location that is close to your needs (schools, cinema, church).

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