June 6, 2022

Camella Smart Homes: Design and Features


With the growth of technology and our fast-paced lifestyle, the normal home we grew up in has had to adapt to our needs and wants. One of the most recent changes is the advent of a home automation system or smart home technology; but, what exactly does a smart home or home automation systems mean, and how does smart home technology work?

A home automation system, often known as “Smart Home Technology,” refers to the use of technology to automate your home. When a set of smart home devices and appliances receives or interprets orders, a smart home system is activated. The numerous gadgets communicate with one another via a central hub to adapt and respond to the demands of the homeowner. Many smart appliances and equipment may be operated by voice, remote control, or an app on your tablet or smartphone. Today’s smart homes combine cutting-edge technological advancements and automation with environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and energy-saving features and materials.


Camella Homes introduced the first smart technology-enabled solution in horizontal development in the Philippines with Camella Smart Homes. Camella Smart Homes transforms conventional homes into a responsive place that allows homeowners to command vital house operations from mobile devices, passwords, and fingerprint scans. Aside from being energy-efficient, Camella Homes believes that smart home technology would limit the transmission of viruses and infections, resulting in a healthier environment for Camella residents.

Camella Smart Home Technology

Camella Smart Homes makes Filipinos’ lives safer and healthier by leveraging home automation technologies that are recognized for improving energy management, convenience, and safety. Smart home technologies, both stylish and functional, are installed in both the exterior and interior of the Camella residence to provide a control system that gives convenience, safety, and security.



Motion detectors are one of Camella Smart Home’s security features. This device function, as the name implies, detects movement and triggers an alarm when someone approaches your house. Motion detectors protect homes and families from intruders and help to prevent burglary and theft.


Smart door locks are keyless door locks that enable you to open your door without the use of a physical key. They may be accessed remotely by a smartphone app, your fingerprint, and a security code or password. A smart lock links to your Wi-Fi network, allowing it to receive a code or mobile app to lock or open.

With this function, you no longer need to bring a real key with you wherever you go or worry about leaving it at home. This function also prevents someone from breaking into your home without knowing the door’s password.



Smart home lighting switches are intended to be direct replacements for standard built-in switches. Yes, you can still turn your lights on and off as before, but these smart switches give you far more lighting control. For example, if you left for work and forgot to turn off the lights at home, you may use your mobile app to turn off the light. In addition, if you want to turn on all the lights before coming home, you may do so with a single click on your mobile app.


Smart wall sockets, similar to smart light switches, are intended to replace the standard built-in wall sockets that we have for our appliances. This wall socket has two advantages over standard ones: ease and safety. We can control our smart home appliances with a single click on our smartphone app thanks to the usage of smart wall sockets. For instance, if you came home from work exhausted and want to relax by watching television or home theater, all you have to do is open your phone, access your mobile app, and switch on the television using the app; simple and convenient, right? Similarly, if an emergency occurs and you forget to turn off your rice cooker, you may turn it off with a single click from your mobile app and eliminate the possibility of future home damage caused by an appliance that you forgot to turn off.


A smoke detector, which is commonly installed in the ceiling, is a device that detects smoke or gas, which serves as a signal of fire. This gadget sends a signal, often an alarm, to notify homeowners that a fire may be brewing on their property.


When it detects smoke, fire, or a security breach, this device sends signals to various gadgets and smart appliances to turn off. For example, if the smoke detector detects smoke or fire, the alarm will immediately notify the homeowners and cut off any appliances or gadgets that are currently connected to it.


A door contact sensor is an essential component of security and smart home systems. This contact sensor is used to detect intruders who open doors. Aside from that, the gadget is useful for parents who have curious children who occasionally open the door while their parents are busy, or for those who frequently forget to close their doors.


CCTV is an abbreviation for Closed Circuit Television. It is a video system comprised of strategically placed video cameras set throughout an area that record footage, which then receives real-time alerts or viewing and footage replay. A CCTV system may also alert you if there is activity or movement on a certain camera at a predetermined time. For example, if someone is planning to or is attempting to break into your home late at night, the CCTV camera will record what that person is doing. This gadget works hand in hand with a motion detector since it will transmit an alarm if someone is wandering on your property. Footage captured by CCTV can be seen either on a monitor or through the mobile app.


One vital component of smart home technology is the gateway and internet. Through an internet connection, the gateway links additional devices to the mobile application.


Technology makes our everyday life easier especially with the advent of Scene Switch. This device is a touch switch that allows you to manage and program a controlled environment. Choose the situations you want and configure the smart devices depending on your preferences. You can create a relaxing scene by dimming the lights in your room, starting the coffee maker, opening your television, and setting your air conditioning system to a specific temperature, or you can create a morning scene in which the lights will open at a specific hour, open your smart blinds, your coffee maker will start, your stereo will play live music, and so on. Scene switch allows you to add, enhance, and control your appliances according to your mood.

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