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House and Lot For Sale in Antipolo

Antipolo is the City of Rizal Province. It is located in the eastern part of Manila and is the most populous area in the region of CALABARZON region as Filipinos considered buying house and lot for sale in Antipolo because of its cool climate and relaxed environment. Aside from this, Overseas Filipino Workers also buy house and lot for sale in Antipolo for their retirement or investment.

Apart from being an ideal place to settle in, Filipinos also consider Antipolo as a pilgrimage site because it cradles the wooden Marian Image of Our Lady of Antipolo or Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. The image is currently enshrined at the Cathedral of Antipolo. Devotees of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage perform “Alay Lakad” or traveling by foot every night of April 30th. Devotees offer this scarifies to thank Our Lady of Antipolo for all the blessing and answered prayer that was bestowed upon them.

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Is it Good to Invest in Real Estate Properties in Antipolo?

Vibrant Tourism

Aside from being the Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines, Antipolo is also known for its majestic scenery and sanctuary of artwork done by local artists. Over the past years, different establishments that showcase the creativity of local artists and promote Antipolo’s breathtaking scenery were built in the city.

Here are some destinations in Antipolo that you must visit:

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Antipolo Cathedral

An hour drive from Cubao can lead you to Antipolo Cathedral. The Cathedral cradles the image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage or Our Lady of Antipolo. The image was said to be from Mexico and was brought to Antipolo around 1626. Since then travelers from different parts of the Philippines trek to Antipolo every April 30 to visit and ask for guidance from Our Lady of Antipolo.

Hinulugang Taktak

Hinulugang Taktak is one of the famous landmarks of Antipolo. The latter is a waterfall located at Taktak Road, Brgy. Dela Paz, Antipolo.

Aside from being a famous landmark, the falls are also known for their contribution to Antipolo’s rich culture and history. According to the folks of Antipolo, a priest was forced to drop a church bell in the plunge pool or water basin of the waterfalls because of the unbearable sound that it creates whenever the church tries to use it. The name of the falls was then derived from the incident – “Hinulugang Taktak” which means where the bell was dropped.

Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum is known for its Instagram-worthy attractions and scenery, but, aside from the photos that you can get while staying at Pinto, the Museum has a lot more to offer.

From the name of the museum itself, Pinto Art Museum is the gateway towards contemporary and modern art. Dr. Joven Cuanang, a Neurologist by profession, gathered all his artwork and invited other artists to fill his 1.3 hectares of land with artworks such as sculptures, paintings, and antiques that depict life during the Spanish regime up to the present time.

Mystical Cave

Nelly Deles also known as Inday Delly discovered the cave. According to the tourist guides, Inday Delly dreamed about the cave when she was about seven years old. Back then Inday Delly lived in Iloilo. She searched the whole county to find the cave in her dreams. Her search finally ended when she saw it in Antipolo.

The cave is located on a mountain. To reach it, you should pass 205 stone steps carved on the mountain. The cave is eight stores deep. To date, visitors are allowed to explore the surface of the cave for safety reasons.

Every Lenten Season tourist and religious groups from all walks of life visit the cave to light some candles, pray, and be amazed at the holy figures formed inside the cave.

Cloud 9 360 Point View

Cloud 9 is a Hotel and Resort destination in Antipolo City. The Hotel is composed of 78 rooms with two swimming pools and seven event halls. Along with the resort’s amenities is the 360 Viewpoint.

To reach the Viewpoint, guests are required to cross a hanging bridge that connects Cloud 9’s lobby and view deck. Crossing the bridge is a bit challenging because it swings whenever the wind blows and when some either jump or make big movements.

Outstanding And Competitive City

The City of Antipolo in is a beautiful and thriving metropolis. It has an excellent location, with easy access to several important sites which features great scenery for day trips as well as nighttime activities.

A superb place where one can find many things worth seeing while still remaining close enough proximity that they are able commute back home easily without feeling too far away from loved ones when all said done its surely not hard on any bodies pocket book either because there’s plenty going around every corner even if you only decide upon just enjoying your time walking along tree lined streets taking in the sites!

On-going Development

Antipolo City, located in the eastern portion of Luzon Island has been a thriving haven for Filipinos since its establishment as an urban center. The area’s ongoing development is evident by how much greeneries have turned out to be over time with more trees planted just about anywhere you look!

Is it good to buy a house and lot and live in Antipolo?

The average quality of life in Antipolo is quite high, and that includes the availability of amenities like hospitals, schools, malls and public transport. The cost of living in Antipolo is also very reasonable when compared to other cities. All this means that buying a house and lot in Antipolo could be a good bet for people who want to live anywhere near Manila but don’t want it to be too expensive or congested.

Less Crowded

The city itself isn’t as crowded and has a calmer vibe than Manila does which can make it more relaxing for those who need their sanity rejuvenated from time-to-time​.

A person’s home country or neighborhood often influences where they choose to spend most of the days; however with all these new developments happening lately I believe we should start considering what would work best not just locally but also globally too!


Antipolo is a beautiful city that has everything you need. It is accessible from various parts of Metro Manila due to its prime location, making for easy access when commuting around town or going about daily activities such as work!